Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Vacation lo's

Well...we've got the mail and the paper started coming regularly again and have just about caught up on all the other stuff that waits for our return from vacation so I thought I would take time to post some more of my vacation lo's.

Molly, who is our 2 yr old Dashound-Terrier mix, got really weird about the trailer steps.
She wouldn't go down the steps so I carried her out of the trailer the whole trip.
She didn't like the heat because when she got out of the air-conditioned trailer she wanted to go right back in.
We're still not sure why she didn't want to come down the steps.

There are always games on the 4th of July at the campground and on one of our walks we found the pit that was dug for the tug of war game. When Spunk started rolling in the grass, I couldn't resist this picture.

Spunky discovered that her favorite thing to do was roll in the grass...any grass...anywhere.
I've got a whole folder of pictures of her rolling in the grass.

Spunk did this so much that I had to scrap it more than once.

Guess Molly had to try it since it looked like so much fun.

Who wouldn't be tired after all that rolling in the grass?

In Hornbrook, which is about a mile and a half from the campground, there is always a parade on the 4th of July.
In fact it's the big celebration for miles. This year's parade lasted a little over half an hour.

This last layout is created from a new kit I'm going to put in stores this week.

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