Saturday, December 5, 2009

Freebie Christmas Tagger Kit

This little kit was supposed to be part of a Christmas collab but due to a misunderstanding, it got left out.
So as a present to you, I've made it a blog freebie.
This is a personal use tagger size mini kit.
Download is below the preview.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Sale


You can find your favorite EOD products at
Eye Opening Designs at The Creativty Box

Monday, November 30, 2009

Choo Choo Blog Train

Got a great CU freebie for you as part of the Choo Choo blog train.
The train doesn't officially take off until Dec first but I'm so forgetful that I wanted to post this early to make sure and have it here on time.
My download is below the preview and make sure and stop at the rest of these great train stops below.


Follow the rest of the train below.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Tag with My Diabetes Awareness kit

I've seen quite a few tags made with my freebie kit and Iove them all.
Here is a great one from Miss Christine. Thanks for giving me permission to display this great tag here.

If you would like to get my freebie Diabetes Awareness Kit you can go to this blog post.

If you have made a tag with this kit that you would like to see posted here, send it to me at

I love to see all your creations with my products.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Giveaway Results

I didn't get enough votes to win the contest but the winning tag was awesome.

Thank you Angie for voting for all of my tags and since voting for the contest was over yesterday, you win this giveaway.

Angie, niteangel848990, you can go to my store at The Creativity Box and pick out any one of my items (any item by Eye Opening Design), and email your choice to me at
I will then send you a link to download your prize.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Freebie Tube

Here is my first tube.
This little pig is my favorite character so far.
Please give me credit when using her and I hope you enjoy her.

Download Here

New Poll & New Thank You Gift

I have a new poll on my tutorial site with a new Thank You gift for giving your opinion in the poll.
You can find the poll HERE along with a preview of the new gift.

Thank you so much for sharing your opinions with me because it helps me to better understand what you want.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Giveaway

I've entered a couple tags in a Halloween Contest and need your vote.
As an incentive to vote for my tags, I will hold a raffle of all the people who vote for me and the winner will get any one of my products, cu or pu, that they choose from The Creativity Box.

To qualify you must go to the Halloween Horror Tag Contest
and vote for at least one of my tags.
The contest allows you to vote for more than 1 tag so you will get one chance in this giveaway for each of my tags that you vote for.
THEN you must come back here and reply to this post stating which tag or tags you voted for.
The last day to vote is Nov. 2nd.
On the Halloween Horror site, each tag has a voting code and a vote button beside it.

Below are the tags that I have entered and the voting codes you will use to vote for them:

Voting Code - 005HH

Voting Code - 0020HH

Voting Code - 0037HH

Voting Code - 0038HH

I've entered a total of 4 tags so if you vote for all 4 of them, you will have your name entered in this giveaway 4 times.

Good Luck!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tut using A Diabetics Life

Here's a tut I wrote using my first awareness kit.

You can find the tut HERE.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Medical Mayhem Blog Train - A Diabetics Life

A new friend requested a Diabetes Awareness kit and just as I was finishing it up, I found this wonderful medical blog train about to take off.
I'm happy to say that this is a great train with fabulous kits from some awesome designers.
Keep checking the links to get all the train parts.
Below are some tags I made with my portion and you can download my kit below those.

Here is the preview of my Diabetes kit:
Download link and the rest of the train stops are under the preview.

Download here

Be sure and check out all the train stops for some really great kits.

Wicked Princess Scraps

Alyssa's Scraps & Such

::designed by stina::

Ahava Creative Ideas

Amy's Scrap Place

Angele Design

CaysCreation Designs

Crazed's Creations

Digicats (& Dogs)

Ella V. Grim

Envied & Admired Scraps

Eye Opening Designs <--You are here

Gothic Inspirations

Hippiedaze Scrappin' Stuff

Jennie D Desings

KiKeKa Kits Crafted by Gina

Majik Of Mystee Designz

Moonlight Laura Creations

Nette and Sherra's Scraps

Princess Tara Designz


Scrapz By Sashi

Stef's Creations

Sticky Kisses Desings

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Redesign of my tutorial site

Well I've written enough tutorials now, that I needed to organize them into categories and I finally think I got it all done.

Below you can see previews of my newest Halloween tutorials and you can find them all HERE.

Please click around my tut site and see if you find any broken links or anything that just isn't right.
Thanks bunches and if you let me know, I'll send you a gift.

Designer Survivor in stores

I finally got the Autumn paper pack collab in the store now.
The preview for it is below and you can find it in the store HERE:

I've updated all the Designer Survivor links on my blog and you can find all these originally unique creations at The Creativity Box.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Tut and Poll

I just finished a new tut for the tag below.
I'm starting to get into the Halloween spirit so I'll probably be doing more Halloween tuts soon.
The tut for this tag can be found HERE.

I've also got a poll on my tut site asking which tuts you'd rather see.
You can get a free set of tagger papers just for giving me your opinion.
See the poll HERE.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New layouts

Maybe some day I'll get my own CT, but for now I'm on the CT at MooTwo Designs and just joined the CT at Scraps with Attitude.

Here are some new layouts I've just finished.

Both of these layouts were made with the same kit called Autumn by This-be-me Scraps at MooTwo Designs.
This kit is huge and for a limited time is on sale half off. You can find it here:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wordart Freebie

Here's a wordart using the dog I made for my Joy emotion kit in the Designer Survivor contest.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Layouts made while on Vacation

These are the lo's I got done while I was on vacation.
The links for each kit is under the lo.

The above lo was created with the fun kit from Donna Wheway from MooTwo Designs called Back Road Bikin.
These are images I took of the landscape in Northern CA.
You can find the kit here:

Saturday night dinner is always a group affair.
The above lo was created with Marvelouw Melons by Donna Wheway.
You can find the kit here:

I love how our dogs are in good spirits no matter what we put them through and camping is no different. They like to play no matter where we take them.
The above and below lo's were created with Tranquil Teal by Donna Wheway.
You can find the kit here:

I've seen this on cartoons many times but was amazed to actually see it in real time.
These birds would sit here and chatter for hours making me wonder what they were planning and thinking that would cause such a noisy chat session.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Designer Survivor Final week

I got voted of the island last week so I'm not competing this week but I had a lot of fun making it all the way to the semi-final week.
I even won Immunity during week 3 when we made the cluster frames.

There is no Immunity option this week since it is the final week and only the people who got voted off the island get to vote for the sole survivor but everyone gets to download the kits they make this week.

The challenge this week is to create a kit in any theme, color, & size as long as 2 of the following Artsy looks are incorporated in the design and they have to clearly explain their techniques in the kit description post.

The Artsy looks they had to choose from are:
Reverse Stamping
Stitching Fabric
Alcohol ink

The kits are due by Thursday at 9 (pst).
There is already one submitted here:

Designer Survivor Links week 5 freebie

This week was probably hardest for me because we went on a family camping trip and I had to work on my laptop.
The camping was goo except it was colder than we had expected and we ended up getting sick but I made my laptop work and came up with another kit that I am happy to offer to you.

This was the semi-final week and there were only 7 of us left in this week.
We each had to select an era from the list of options to create a kit from.
My era was the 1800's.
Once I had a few ideas of some of the styles from this era, it was really fun to work with.

The immunity challenge for this week was to create wordart that included more than just words.

Downloads are under the previews.

Click here to find all my Designer Survivor creations

Click here to find all my Designer Survivor creations

Designer Survivor Links week 4 freebie

Week 4 was a difficult challenge.
We weren't in teams anymore and the challenge was to create a white wedding kit with only one accent color, although we were allowed to use green for foliage.
Well amazingly I'm happy with this final kit also.
I guess I learned quite a bit about myself during this contest and one of the main things I learned is that if I work hard enough on a goal, I am usually happy with the outcome.

The immunity challenge for this week was to create a brag book from our week 3 kit.

Download links are below the previews.

Click here to find all my Designer Survivor creations

Click here to find all my Designer Survivor creations

During week 4 I made covers for this brag book as an extra freebie.
You can find those in this post here on my blog.

Designer Survivor Links week 3 freebie

The challenge fro week 3 was for each team member to pick an emotion and a color to go with that emotion and create a kit with only shades of that color and that emotion. We picked a team palette and my emotion color combination was Joy in shades of blue.

I was worried in the beginning because blue is hard to get warmth and joy out of but I'm surprisingly happy with my final kit.
Immunity for week 3 was to create a frame out of pieces from our previous kits with a new element added.

Download links are below the previews.

Click here to find all my Designer Survivor creations

Click here to find all my Designer Survivor creations

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Designer Survivor Links week 2 freebie

The challenge for week 2 was to create a realistic camping kit.
We had a big group so my part seems small but I'm pretty happy with the way it came out and the links are under the preview.

For the Immunity challenge we did an autumn paper pack and I can only offer my part here as a freebie but I have permission from everyone in the group to sell the whole paper pack and I'll let you know when I get that in the stores.

Click here to find all my Designer Survivor creations

Click here to find all my Designer Survivor creations

Designer Survivor Links week 1 freebie

Remember, our challenge for week 1 was to create a kit in the style of Dr. Suess.
and the Immunity challenge was to create a beach themed alpha.
We named our kit Pigs on Parade and you can download my part of this kit below as well as the alpha.
These links will be good until about the end of September.
Let me know if you have any problems with any of the files.
Download links are under each preview.

Click here to find all my Designer Survivor creations

Click here to find all my Designer Survivor creations

Click here to find all my Designer Survivor creations

Monday, September 7, 2009

Designer Survivor Finale

Well the final week in the Designer Survivor Contest at Brownie Scraps is this week.
Since I got voted off the island in the last tribal council, I won't be competing this week but I'll let you know when they post the freebies.

We made a last-of-the-summer camping trip last week and I only had dial-up internet access which is why I couldn't post here about the week. I really feel for those who have dial-up internet as their main internet access. It's slower than grampa turtle.

Anyway, now that I'm home I'm going to post links to my contest entries right here so if you missed them, you can pick them up.
These links will be good for the rest of this month.

Keep a lookout over the next couple of days and as I sort out my parts, I'll post them here plus I'll post some extra freebies made along the way..

Thanks for all your votes and support.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Designer Survivor week 4 Freebie

Voting for Immunity will be open today and tomorrow morning so we won't know who wins Immunity until tomorrow but I've got my main kit up for this week already.

BTW if you vote for me, Thanks a bunch and I'm going to have more freebies from these kits on my blog in the next couple weeks.
If you haven't voted yet, you can vote here:

The challenge this week was to create a white wedding kit with only one accent color.

Below is a preview of my kit and you can download it here:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Designer Survivor week 4 Immunity Freebie

Well we're approaching the end of another week and it's time to vote for someone to receive Immunity for the week.

There were no teams this week so all the designing is individually done.

This Immunity challenge required us to make a 4-7 page Brag Book using our emotion kit that we created last week.
I think it's really great that we are having challenges that require us to design with our own creations because it gives a designer a better idea of how their creations can be used.

Here is a preview of my Brag Book entry for the challenge:

You can download this Brag Book here:

The deadline for posting the challenge entries is 9 (pst) tonight and voting will start shortly after that and run all day Wednesday.
I sure would appreciate your vote and you can send all your friends to vote for me here:

Thank you,

Designer Survivor week 4 Immunity Extra Freebie

I'm getting ready to post my week 4 Immunity challenge and wanted to make sure you get this extra freebie first.

The challenge is a Brag Book but what brag book is complete without covers, so I made some special covers just for you.

Here is a preview and the download link is below:


Friday, August 21, 2009

Designer Survivor week 3

Well it's the end of week 3 challenges and we have a bunch of mini kits for you to download.
The challenge this week was for each team member to choose an emotion and a color to go with it and express that emotion in a personal way to them through creating a mini kit.

These are the emotons we chose:

My team is the EYELET team and below is our preview:

You can download our kits here:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Immunity Thank You Freebies

We Won Immunity!!!
Thank you so much for voting for our team.

All the designers in this contest are very talented so there is lots of competition and it's nice to know that we can't get voted off this week.

As an extra special Thank You for voting for us, here are a couple gifts made just for you, and even if you didn't vote for us you can download them.
I made these from my contest kits.

Download links are below the previews:



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Immunity Freebies

All of the Immunity Cluster Frames are posted and voting is open.
My team is the EYELET team and here is the preview of our frames.

We would appreciate your vote.
You can vote here:

There was a mixup in the posting of previews and labels so because everything has now been redone, the voting deadline is extended to Thursday 4 am pacific time.

You can download these frames for free at Brownie Scraps gallery here:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Designer Survivor Immunity Freebie

The challenge for Immunity this week is for each team member to create a cluster frame from the elements they created for week 1 and 2 challenge kits.
Week 1 was Dr. Suess themed kits and week 2 was realistic camping kits so you can imagine the challenge.

The deadline for posting frames is 9 pm (pst).

Judging will begin shortly after the posting deadline and will be open until 4 pm (pst) on Wednesday.

You get to vote on your favorite and you also get to download all the frames for free.

My team is the EYELET team and we would appreciate your vote.
Voting will be here:

Here is a preview of our frames:

You can download our frames at Brownie Scraps here:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

85% off My Entire Store for 24 hours

I just now got the sale going at Michelle's Angels.
Because it wasn't working earlier this morning, I'll let it run for 24 hours but make sure and get everything you want because after that, they'll be out of the store.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

85% off My Entire Store for 1 day only

Because of my recent health issues and heart problems, I'm having to cut back on my work and unfortunately that means I have to leave Michelle's Angels.

I've enjoyed the friendships over there and encourage you to shop at Michelle's Angels because there are some great designers in that store.

Tomorrow, Sunday August 16 my entire store will be 85% off all day and then my products will be gone from the store.
So get your great bargains at Michelle's Angels before they're gone forever.

Designer Survivor Contest Freebies

Well I made it through another round.
Our week 2 kits are all about camping.
You can download all of the kits for free but hurry because the links will be taken down today or tomorrow.

The preview for my team's kit is called Wild Adventures and is below and you can download it here:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New lo's with Vivienne

These great lo's were made with a kit called Vivienne from Donna Wheway at MooTwo Designs.
You can find the kit here: