Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Designer Survivor Final week

I got voted of the island last week so I'm not competing this week but I had a lot of fun making it all the way to the semi-final week.
I even won Immunity during week 3 when we made the cluster frames.

There is no Immunity option this week since it is the final week and only the people who got voted off the island get to vote for the sole survivor but everyone gets to download the kits they make this week.

The challenge this week is to create a kit in any theme, color, & size as long as 2 of the following Artsy looks are incorporated in the design and they have to clearly explain their techniques in the kit description post.

The Artsy looks they had to choose from are:
Reverse Stamping
Stitching Fabric
Alcohol ink

The kits are due by Thursday at 9 (pst).
There is already one submitted here:

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