Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Giveaway

I've entered a couple tags in a Halloween Contest and need your vote.
As an incentive to vote for my tags, I will hold a raffle of all the people who vote for me and the winner will get any one of my products, cu or pu, that they choose from The Creativity Box.

To qualify you must go to the Halloween Horror Tag Contest
and vote for at least one of my tags.
The contest allows you to vote for more than 1 tag so you will get one chance in this giveaway for each of my tags that you vote for.
THEN you must come back here and reply to this post stating which tag or tags you voted for.
The last day to vote is Nov. 2nd.
On the Halloween Horror site, each tag has a voting code and a vote button beside it.

Below are the tags that I have entered and the voting codes you will use to vote for them:

Voting Code - 005HH

Voting Code - 0020HH

Voting Code - 0037HH

Voting Code - 0038HH

I've entered a total of 4 tags so if you vote for all 4 of them, you will have your name entered in this giveaway 4 times.

Good Luck!

1 comment:

niteangel848990 said...

I voted for all 4 of your tags, they are all well done,and I hope you win.