Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life Goes On...'s been just over a year since my Kenn passed away
I've spent this year trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do now.
I finally figured out that since I'm still here, the only thing to do is...Live Life.

Every day is a gift and since no one knows how many days they have left in this's best to enjoy each day as it comes.
I think I finally figured out what people mean when they say, "Life is what you make of it."
Believe me when I say, Life truly is what you make of it.

So if you have lost a loved one, be happy for them that they have finally found the peace that we so desperately search for and know that they would want you to enjoy the life that you have been given today.

I love you all and certainly would be willing to email anyone who wants to talk.

Always Remember,
God is Merciful and Life is Good...
So Be Happy.

I love you All,

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Helen said...

i hon i'm so sorry to here that we need to catch up, is there anything i can do for ya??? love ya helen