Friday, September 28, 2012

New FTU Halloween Tutorials

I've made a couple more halloween tutorials written in a diy guideline fashion.
These seem to be popular among tut writers because they go fast and we can get more out...but what about you who try to follow these tuts?
Are you just as happy with tutorials written in this style as in the specific step by step instruction type tutorials?
I'm interested to hear your opinions.
So please either leave a comment or email me if you have a preference or if you don't.

Thanks and I might just send you a reward for your input.

Oh ya..the

This first one is called Happy Halloween.
You can find the tut here:
and here is what it looks like:

and the next one is called Ghouls Only which you can find here:
and here is what it looks like:

 I love you all,

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