Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Move Has Begun

We were supposed to start moving last week but so many of us have been so sick that we just couldn't.
The weird thing is how it has affected us all differently.
At first it just seemed like a cold. I knew it wasn't the flu because I got a flu shot a couple months ago.and then my Father-in-Law got a secondary lung infection, my Aunt thought she had pneumonia, and I was throwing up and had a wicked headache and have had that deep cough.
But we all finally seem to be doing better and yesterday we got the first load moved.
Some of the paperwork has started falling into place and since that was such a big strain on all of us, maybe that's part of why we're all starting to do better.

Anyway, Thank you so much for the thoughtful gifts, kind words, and positive thoughts and prayers.
Without friends and family my life wouldn't be half as rich as it is and I feel so blessed to have all of you in my life.

Hug a family member for me.
I love you all,

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