Thursday, December 2, 2010

Getting There

We've got all of the house stuff moved except for just a few things.
Saturday we're headed back to Salem to start clearing out the storage units.
Fortunately there are only 2 of them.

My kids are coming to help so hopefully we'll get the storage done in 1 trip.
When the storage is done, I'll be moved out of Salem.

Leaving the house this last time was really hard. I was sure I'd have another 20 years with Kenn and sometimes my brain has a really hard time accepting the fact that he's gone.
I'm glad for him that he doesn't have to live with anymore pain but I sure miss him.

Remember that we don't know how long we are destined to be on this earth.
So don't take anyone for granted.

Hug one of your loved ones for me and Happy Holidays.

I love you all,

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