Sunday, November 14, 2010


Kenn's brother George came up yesterday and we got the big stuff out of the garage. None of us realized how much there actually is in the garage so there is still another load of things to be packed and moved just out of the garage.

Fortunately on the road from Salem to Eugene, George was following us with his truck and trailer. So he noticed when our trailer tire popped and shredded right off the rim. Fortunately Melba safely got the truck stopped and she and the boys sat in the truck while George and I came on into Eugene to get a new tire and rim. We made it into Les Schwab 2 minutes before they closed.
Talk about everday miracles.
We were able to get a tire and rim that fit perfectly and safely got back to the truck to change the tire and by the time we got both trucks and trailers into Eugene it was dark, cold, and rainy. We unloaded our first load into the storage units in Eugene. We were wet, cold, and tired by the time we got unloaded but we were all safe.

I am so greatful for the love and support of my family and totally awed by the way God is taking care of us through this whole ordeal.

This next week will be spent boxing up the rest of the garage and hopefully we'll get to start on the storage units in Salem.

It looks like this move may not be complete until the first weekend in December. I certainly would like it to be done by next weekend but we just have too much stuff to go through and because of the weather I think we're getting sick again. So please keep us in your prayers.

Remember that God is always there for us watching and waiting to take care of us and he has everything under control.

Hug one of your friends or family members for me.

I love you all,

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Queina said...

Hey Janet, been thinking of you a lot lately. I hope the move is going well, I see you still have a lot to do. Wow, well I hope that gets done soon and you all stay well, getting sick again is definitely not a good thing. Huge Hugs! Melissa