Friday, November 5, 2010

Family is Important

I talked with my dad for 2 hours last night.
He lives in Florida and is having his own health problems and can't make it back here to Oregon to help but talking with him was more helpful for me than having his help with the packing.

The packing is actually the easy part. The hard part comes at night when there is nothing to distract my mind from running wild.

The house phone was shut off today so my computer and my cell phone are the only communication avenues I will have with anyone not helping us move until we actually get moved.

My Aunt, Cousin and her 8 year old son are taking me into their 5 bedroom home and I'm sure it will be a good thing because we all get along and care about each other so much.

My oldest son is coming over this weekend to help pack the rest of the house up. Then we'll only have the 2-car garage and the 2 storage units to go through.
My Kenn had lots of hobbies and he did things in a big way so we have way more stuff than we know what to do with but now that his brother is getting involved, the thought of this whole thing is not so overwhelming.

Remember that family members are gifts from God so hug one of yours for me.

I love you all,

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